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Our focus is on finding valuable insights that our client can act on to improve the commercial success of their brands.

When a situation calls for quantitative methods, Healogix uses the best available marketing science. In this regard it’s actually a very exciting time.

The days where we have to fit your questions to the limits of what you can do with a particular method are over. In the last 10 year quantitative methods and computation power have exploded to the point that we can now keep the focus where it belongs—on asking and answering your business question so you can make decisions that will improve your business.

We firmly believe the application of contemporary quantitative methods is one of the key ways our industry will address its current challenges.

In the last two years our quantitative work has included:

  • Identifying Market Opportunities
  • Assessing New Markets
  • Optimizing Product Development
  • Designing Clinical Trials
  • Forecasting Product Performance
  • Evaluating the Impact of Competitive Products
  • Tracking Brand Performance