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Adaptive Toolbox:IQD – Influencing Quick Decisions

Despite sea changes in the healthcare industry, understanding how decisions are made and knowing how to influence decisions to benefit your product will remain crucially important.

Traditional approaches to informing decisions have assumed a rational and deliberative process, i.e., one in which features of competing alternatives are traded off to determine which alternative is best.

A large volume of academic research over the past 35 years has led to new theories of cognition that differ in the details but agree on a crucial fundamental: deliberative, compensatory processing is only one form of decision making. Many decisions are made very quickly by habit… with no trading-off of pros and cons.

Quick, habit-based decision making is highly adaptive and successful in an evolutionary sense, yet each quick decision has a blind spot… a potential downside that results from the bias inherent in ignoring some information in favor of ease and speed.

Adaptive Toolbox IQD™ reveals the situations when quick decisions are made by habit and identifies the specific decision rules that underlie them.  When habitual decision making is thwarting a client’s product opportunity, IQD helps clients design marketing interventions to change these “barrier” decision habits