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Adaptive Toolbox IQS™ : Intelligent Quick Simulations

IQS™ is a completely new approach that explores and uncovers vital information about how health care providers make treatment decisions.
The unique market insight generated from this tool will help you understand how health care providers make their treatment decisions leading you to develop strategies and tactics that will have a meaningful impact on your business.

Health care providers make treatment decisions all day, every day. In doing so, they rely on heuristics — a set of highly refined, adaptive, and efficient decision rules. Knowing which rules are being applied and why in a given context can help grow your business.

Don’t let what is important about your brand get overlooked in the decision making process. Use the Adaptive Toolbox to empower your marketing. By exploring and understanding how treatment decisions are made, you can:

  • Create communication messages that will break through
  • Anticipate and improve the position of your brand
  • Accelerate and expand the uptake and use of your product