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A More Dynamic Way of Conducting Research

Difference Engine™ helps you understand how and for whom physicians will prescribe your product, enabling you to accelerate adoption and correct mistakes before the brand positioning is solidified.

The Situation

  • The client was launching a new insulin into a crowded and commoditized market
  • From the start, they wanted to establish which patients or patient characteristics would likely prompt trial and use
  • They had the opportunity to launch as many as four formulations of the new product and needed to know how each formulation would succeed, both individually and in combination

The Objective

Create a compelling case for initiating and continuing to prescribe the product by identifying and magnifying specific patient characteristics that physicians could easily “attribute” to the product and thereby establish and increase market share and revenues.

The Solution

In Phase Two, patient-based choice models fuel the Difference Engine. Our process allows us to vary and test drivers at all three steps: Patient Characteristics, Product Attributes and Market Events.

Every detail of the patient profiles were systematically varied in the study to create micro-level detail on which patient characteristics most influence prescribing.

What we learned—and how it influenced client action

The bottom line: Our client was able to clearly identify specific patient characteristics to target with their product messaging to maximize the impact of their product launch and build momentum for their new brand in a commoditized market.