Future Value IdentificationPrint this Page

Product lifecycle, new product clinical development, and licensing are all critical decisions companies make.

The long term potential of any of these decisions will be shaped by future events including new product introductions, genericization of a major competitor, new indications or claims for an existing product, new formulations, etc.

Future value identification is both a qualitative and quantitative approach whereby we take the respondent from the world of today into the world as it may exist 3 to 5 or even 10 years from now to understand how their current behaviors might change.

Healogix assesses the impact of change, the rationale underlying it, and the implications for our client.

The approach has been applied to products in development as well as products on the market and has been very useful in helping companies make clinical development decisions surrounding a next generation product, evaluating the value of prospective licensing deals, and determining whether company’s should move forward with new formulations or claims for a product already on the market.