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It used to be a lot easier to bring a development stage drug to the market. While the risks of a technical failure were always there, the commercial side was simple.

Talk to some key opinion leaders to get the desired endpoints for your Phase III trials and assume that your large sales force and DTC spend would drive the message through the market.

That was before the arrival of activist payers. Now, access and reimbursement issues are among the most important considerations for emerging products. How can you get beyond traditional pricing studies to understand the dynamics your brand will face? The answer is ValMax.

ValMax uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools in innovative ways to help you see how managed care views your category and your brand.

Answers to the following questions provide unparalleled insight into what your product can expect, and more importantly, what steps you must take to improve your situation.

  • What restrictions will prescribers and patients most likely face at launch?
  • How willing will doctors and consumers be to work through the obstacles they encounter in order to obtain your product?
  • How should the funds available be allocated?
  • Would a different end-point for Phase III matter?
  • How relevant is the likely indication?
  • How important is the list price?
  • How should discounts be allocated between payers and patients?
  • Will physicians be your allies in pushing for access?
  • How much are patients willing to pay out-of-pocket for the benefits your brand will bring?

If these questions are important, ValMax is the tool to you need get answers you can trust to ensure your new product will hit the moving target that is the US market.