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Harris Kaplan, CEO, was instrumental in developing and launching more than 75 new Rx products, including blockbusters Lipitor, Viagra, Crestor, Rituxan, Nexium, Norvasc and Herceptin. He heads a seasoned team of consultants and researchers who have expertise along the entire product development lifecycle.

The expertise, experience and proven track record of the Healogix management and support team is unmatched in the industry. Our staff is composed of seasoned industry insiders who have been exactly where you are and understand exactly what it is you do. We understand the challenges and pressures you face—and we’re acutely aware of the financial consequence of the decisions you have to make.

We value:

  • Helping our clients make a real difference in people’s lives
  • Finding innovative, practical, commercially viable solutions to the most complex problems
  • Building trust-based relationships with our clients
  • Telling the truth—even if it’s hard to hear
  • Delivering the best our firm has to offer for every client as cost-effectively as possible


Harris Kaplan is chief executive officer of Healogix, which he founded in 2004. Harris has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry both on the client and consulting side of the business.

When you hire Healogix, you are effectively getting a new board member with the confidence and experience to deal directly with the highest levels of your organization. In the end, the only way I measure the success of a project is if the client asks us to help them again. And this happens. A lot. Because we get it. – READ FULL BIO HERE


Tim’s pharmaceutical career spans 20 years and an impressive array of disciplines from clinical development through to the commercialization of products and general management. At Healogix he is responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of our client engagement process, ensuring that we create highly effective partnerships with our clients that help drive their businesses forward.

Working on both the client and services side of the industry gives me an excellent understanding of what clients require and an appreciation of how to make it happen. – READ FULL BIO HERE


Robin ’s background spans over 20 years in Finance and Administration related to the health care field.  Her past corporate experience includes Glaxo SmithKline and Mercy Health Systems.  Additionally she developed and successfully ran her own business for over 12 years providing products for the healthcare industry.  This combination of entrepreneurial and corporate business experience provides a critical point of view for the Senior Leadership Team at Healogix.