Change Isn’t Just Smart, It’s a MandatePrint this Page

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries continue to undergo dramatic change. What worked in the past may no longer work in the future.

For those in marketing research, this change presents a rare opportunity. We have the potential to break away from the narrowly defined, commoditized studies of the past and use customer information to reshape and change the way management will direct the marketing and development of products in the future.

Researchers who aim to be the leaders of tomorrow will proactively change the way they do research by conducting studies that address management’s new and more complex set of needs. That doesn’t mean they do more studies, but integrated studies involving all of the relevant stakeholders. Studies that identify how to create value across the complex customer and competitive landscapes make management’s decision-making process easier and faster.

The opportunity to effect change is before us, but the moment will not last forever. Change is no longer just smart; it’s a mandate for successfully competing in the future.

Think about it.