It’s Not What the Data Says, but What I Can Do With the DataPrint this Page


 This was a direct and recent quote from the CEO of a biotech client. Senior executives are not focused on methodology but on whether a study yields actionable findings they can use to make decisions.

Yet, attending a couple of recent PMRG and PBIRG meetings, researchers remain intensely focused on new methodologies or data sets that will help them address new questions and issues being raised by the marketers they support. And while it is in vogue to employ certain methodologies, the question is whether these have really added to the ability of marketers to more effectively market their product, or are these insights that are interesting, but, in the end, really don’t move market share. More often than we care to admit, the simplest methodology is often the best methodology.

We’re Healogix, a strategic research consultancy focused on helping clients develop and execute research that results in highly actionable data. We don’t push specific methodologies, but offer a wide range of capabilities so we have no incentive to “push” a particular methodology. We have extensive experience conducting research and working with clients who have to present their findings to marketing and senior executives, and we have the track record of successful outcomes resulting from those projects.