Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go. T. S. EliotPrint this Page

Most pharma companies have developed research templates to determine what research to conduct prior to the launch of a product, to evaluate its progress over time, or for conducting life cycle research. While every company thinks their templates are unique, the facts are they are pretty much the same, incorporating methodologies developed by suppliers and implemented routinely regardless of their appropriateness to the competitive situation or demonstrated value in the past.  The bottom line: a lot of money gets spent for fear of potentially missing something in the development of the launch plan rather than the need based on the product characteristics or competitive situation.

So if all the templates are pretty much the same, there’s only two ways you can make a difference in a competitive market:

One, work with someone who is competitively unique or

Two, conduct research that truly fits the issues rather than checking a box

Both require a researcher to take some risk. Without risk it is impossible to generate unique thinking, and without unique thinking it is very difficult to make a real difference in a brand’s performance (you can potentially outspend your way to success, though this is increasingly difficult to do). In difficult times, those who most advance their career are those willing to take chances, not by showing how well they check the box.

We’re Healogix. Our research designs are custom crafted to meet the needs of every client. Our research is then implemented by individuals who have extensive industry and marketing experience (as often in Product Management as in research). We know the right questions to ask; we are used to delivering extremely well thought through results that are strategically focused and highly pragmatic.