The Next Five Years Will Redefine Pharma and Pharma MRPrint this Page

The world of pharma is undergoing dramatic change and those that adapt to these changes the most quickly will thrive and those who don’t will likely not survive. The same is true for Pharma MR.

How can we expect Pharma MR to change?

  • Need for being able to conduct multiple, integrated stakeholder studies that allow for seamless interpretation of findings and facilitate decision making
  • Less reliance on secondary data as a reliable and predictive indicator of events to come
  • Reduced MR budgets as % of sales require researchers to do fewer studies simply because they’ve done them before
  • Greater emphasis on situation or problem specific research ( how do we compete against Product X) rather than broad based general studies  (let’s do a segmentation of the market)
  • Higher % of smaller, qualitative studies due to rapid turnaround and high level of flexibility in implementation, specifically licensing and acquisition analyses
  • More global studies as % of total research investment, and expansion of the world beyond the US and the 5 major EU countries.
  • Greater need for suppliers who can truly be partners by bringing strategic perspective and real business insight, saving you time, headcount and money.


We’re Healogix. We understand the challenges the industry is facing and, as a result, we offer a broader, more flexible range of capabilities than larger suppliers. We’re less interested in how much revenue you generate for us per quarter than in having you as a happy client with whom we can partner over the longer term.