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Most people think of marketing research as being about information, data, numbers, etc. I don’t. Marketing research is about understanding of customers and converting understanding into a story, images, charts that management will remember, re-use and re-purpose.

As marketing research budgets have grown along with the industry size, there’s been a huge loss in the ability and, maybe even the desire, of marketing researchers to spend sufficient time converting their information and new whiz bang methodologies into a story that their internal customers will understand and then be able to use. If there’s a meeting with both sales and marketing research participating, the research often comes up “quite dry” even if authoritative while sales will use a very limited number of customer related anecdotes with equal efficacy and for far less money.

In this period of turbulent growth, when the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are shaken to the basic core of their existence, it’s time to re-think not only what types of studies we do, but how we communicate the information we develop to our management.  If a new technique isn’t easily communicated, what’s the point. Regardless of how interesting the analyses. If the study results doesn’t lead to people in attendance at the meeting or in receipt of the report, providing you positive feedback afterwards, save your future money and move on.

We’re Healogix. We are a different kind of Research Company. Strategically focused, but pragmatic in purpose. We have 30+ years of history presenting information at the highest levels of companies across the industry. We know how to convert qualitative and quantitative data into simple stories that senior management will remember, re-use, and re-purpose.

If you have a business situation you want to discuss, call us. We’d like the opportunity to speak with you and to support the objectives you’re trying to achieve.