There are no do-oversPrint this Page

There are no do-overs when presenting to senior management. From thirty years’ worth of experience presenting information to the senior executives in pharma and biotech, here’s what they want:

 Synthesis, not analysis

  • Clarity of thinking
  • Concise presentations
  • Actionable conclusions

 In today’s increasingly challenging environment, no one has time to analyze and re-analyze data. So, in essence, you get one shot at the goal of impressing your senior management. Not that they won’t give you a second chance if you don’t succeed the first time, but, as we all know, it’s the first impression that’s the lasting impression.

 On the agency side of the industry there’s an old expression: no one ever got fired for hiring IBM. The corollary is no one ever got promoted as a result of it either. The choice is yours. Continue doing what you have been or try to elevate your contribution at a time when senior executives are looking for new ideas and insight.

 Think about it.