Elevating Pharmaceutical Research with Behavioral Science Expertise at Healogix

Healogix has strengthened its market research by integrating Behavioral Science, led by the new Head of Behavioral Science, James Dunlea, Ph.D., since December 2023. With his extensive experience, James enhances our understanding of the subconscious drivers behind consumer behaviors. This approach enables the development of more effective communication strategies and innovative products that cater to both client and consumer needs. 

James’s expertise in social and cognitive psychology helps dissect complex behaviors across patients, physicians, and healthcare administrators. His ability to merge qualitative and quantitative research boosts our insights into consumer preferences and decision-making, enhancing our marketing strategies and product development. 

James’s addition promises to transform our pharmaceutical marketing research, making our strategies more psychologically attuned and innovation-driven. For more details on how this approach can benefit your projects, contact Healogix today! Chris Carles James Dunlea