Brand Communications

Brand Communications

Brand communications are a fundamental and complex part of an overall marketing strategy. In its simplest terms, brand communications builds a bridge between your target audience and your brand, creating and sustaining demand and preference for your product. The basis of effective brand communication is the product platform, which includes the product positioning, selling messages and accompanying creative concepts. To be effective, the platform must have a solid, customer-driven foundation best developed through a systematic, thorough marketing research plan.

At Healogix, brand communications are designed to change the minds of those who do not know your product and reinforce brand understanding in those who do. This requires knowing how these audiences think and act. Research shows that people generally remember one thing from a brand communication, so understanding and communicating the one key claim you want your audience to remember will drive the success of your brand.


Our positioning determines where your product lives within its competitive set and identifies and claims the territory your product will occupy. While positioning is often considered a one-time exercise, we revisit it at various points in your product’s lifecycle, from Phase II until after the launch when market events and paradigm shifts occur. Our approach is a continuous process that includes qualitative and quantitative methods:

    • Strategic Mind Mapping
      Identifies key leverage points and white spaces that will make a difference to prescribers and patients
    • Prime Positioning
      Prioritizes the most compelling terrain to claim and the strongest supporting cornerstones for positioning
    • Positioning Tracking
      Pinpoints where your product and others live in the minds of your customers post-launch

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Messaging development is a crucial aspect in a biopharma brand strategy, making message testing research critically important. Our proprietary Memorable Message™ approach uses a flexible web application to streamline the process and empower your brand team to move directly into launch preparation. Memorable Message™ helps:

  • Engage respondents and observers
  • Capture, track and display closed-end responses in real time
  • Facilitate consensus on message changes as research progresses
  • Modify, add or replace individual messages on the go
  • Collect instant feedback by respondent type or segment
  • Free the moderator to focus on respondents, probes and semantic nuances
  • Support global research in multiple languages

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Creative Concept Testing

Creative concept testing explores your target audiences’ reactions to various branded or unbranded creative executions. This process identifies the strongest concepts in the consideration set and pinpoints changes that will maximize effectiveness. Companies use creative concept testing as an early step in material development.

Our Clear Concept™ platform provides rich and insightful qualitative and quantitative metrics on stopping power, uniqueness, believability, clarity, relevance, memorability, impact and persuasiveness. The testing provides a thorough and precise assessment of the performance of each concept in the consideration set.

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Logo Testing

A logo is the face of your brand, imprinting the very first impression on your customers. When executed properly, your logo can be a distinct asset and simple graphical representation of a persuasive message. At Healogix, we have substantial experience conducting logo testing research which assesses several logo variations that have been created by an advertising agency. Studies of this kind include several different quantitative metrics and qualitative insights to gain a complete effectiveness picture for each of the options tested.

Visual Aid Testing

The goal of visual aid testing is to ensure your sales aid is clear, flows well, includes all necessary information and contains nothing problematic or offensive. It’s also used to fine-tune your imagery, branding elements and wording and ensure every component is consistent. During this process, the advertising agency will use the combined messaging and creative concept testing input to develop a mock sales aid. This aid will closely mirror the actual tool your sales representatives will use in physician offices and will be tested in traditional and digital formats.

Sales aid testing typically involves one-on-one interviews to allow for an open forum for respondents to consider and express their feelings, opinions and perceptions, while creating a controlled environment that allows for a thorough discussion of the sales aid. Metrics assessed include believability, clarity, relevance, impact and persuasiveness.

Healogix recommends a structured in-person and telephone presentation of the sales aid:

  • In-person presentation
    A sales rep presents the sales aid to a physician to mirror an in-office discussion. The moderator debriefs the respondent on his or her overall impression of the sales aid and conducts a page-by-page review.
  • Telephone presentation
    The creation of an audio file serves as the conduit whereby the physician is exposed to the sales aid. This allows the moderator to maintain control of the sales aid process and removes any respondent bias.
  • Optional competitive presentation
    An optional component of either interview includes a brief presentation of a competitive product to gauge how well your sales aid will help the representative detail against a competitive product.