Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions provide valuable research insights into client needs and questions that may not fit squarely into a traditional research category. While the typical biopharmaceutical market research categories have become standards precisely because they have met important needs for a broad range of companies and products, they don’t meet all needs or incorporate all value-adding methods and techniques.

Healogix provides biopharma companies with custom solutions that many clients have found to deliver unique value. We leverage our extensive experience in innovating methodologies, techniques and technologies to offer a research design uniquely tailored to needs that don’t fit in any of the standard research categories.

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics has taught the world that human judgment and decision making are not always accomplished via a deliberative process in which alternatives and possible outcomes are first weighed. Instead, most judgments and decisions are made heuristically based on a repertoire of decision shortcuts that each human develops over a lifetime. Healogix offers biopharma companies a research approach, Adaptive Toolbox IQD™, that identifies the heuristics most heavily involved in the judgments and decisions you rely on, such as:

  • Heuristics in the diagnostic approach that may delay the identification and diagnosis of a rare disease
  • Heuristics in treatment decisions that may be blocking the use of your product
  • Heuristics at work in patients’ lives that may have the effect of thwarting or reinforcing adherence and continuation of therapy

Armed with these understandings, you can design and implement interventions to address and overcome the effect of the barrier heuristics or reinforce favorable heuristics, thereby directly stimulating brand utilization.

Community Outreach Assessment

Our community outreach assessments include on-site research at events such as presentations or pharma-sponsored workshops to elicit feedback on how such events impact customer perceptions. It can be utilized for branded or unbranded events and includes brief surveys administered pre- and post-event on-site via multiple tablets. Outputs of our assessments include target lists of respondents who have opted in for future market research. We also offer online follow-up surveys to assess longer term impacts on decisions and behaviors.

Digital Day

Our digital day research informs and optimizes multi-channel marketing strategies by eliciting the perceptions of the sources used and the role of digital information in the buying process and in prescribing decisions. Digital day research is suitable for HCPs, patients or support personnel and takes inventory of their digital usage, devices used and online resources consulted.  It examines the purpose of each and the location and time of day that each was accessed.