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Healogix Announces Appointment of Jeiran Otmishi as Chief Executive Officer

Healogix announces the appointment of Jeiran Otmishi to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Ms. Otmishi brings more than 25 years of leadership in new product forecasting, commercial development, and marketing on both the client and services sides.  Ms. Otmishi previously held senior roles with Havas, Publicis, and Pfizer. At Pfizer, she was appointed the single voice of accountability for Pfizer’s blockbuster Lyrica franchise.  She started and lead Havas’ first integrated HCP and consumer healthcare marketing communications agency. Prior to Healogix, Ms. Otmishi also served as a strategic advisor to private and public biotech and pharma companies on commercialization success.

Ms. Otmishi holds a BA in Mathematics, an MA in Medical Sciences, and an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management, from Boston University

“At Healogix we have decided to augment our strong client services with powerful new and distinctive research tools. With Jeiran’s deep successful experience on both sides of Pharma marketing and her dynamic leadership qualities, we have found the right leader to lead our team and expand our horizons of service and business” commented Board Chair Andrew Hall.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to build on the past success of Healogix and usher us into the next era as a leader in our field,” said Ms. Otmishi. “I have been extremely impressed by the Healogix Board and how the leadership team has built aculture of connectedness with each other and clients. This, coupled with my successful track record and passion and energy can accelerate Healogix’s momentum and help deliver differentiated value to clients.”


John Taenzler Ph.D. joins Healogix

John Taenzler Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Oncology joins Healogix!  John brings over 20 years of experience in pharma market research and is well versed in Oncology as well as many other therapeutic areas.  We are very excited to have John join our team!!


Memorable Moments Video – a better way to capture patient insights

Capturing the actual lived experience of customers is always a challenge, in part because the very act of observing behavior can change it.  Healogix’ Memorable Moments™ methodology harnesses the power of mobile ethnography to more accurately capture experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Respondents use the features of their smartphone to share videos, pictures, texts or screen captures of their experience. We’ve successfully implemented Memorable Moments studies to achieve diverse objectives including:

  • patient and caregiver accounts of their illness journey
  • physician “deep-dives” to explore and illustrate cross-segment differences
  • dentists streaming their out-of-the-box reactions to a new device

Memorable Moments is flexible, engaging, and provides a wealth of text and images that can be leveraged by marketing and creative teams.

Click Here to learn more about Memorable Moments from this video