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News & Events

Meet Jen Stewart, VP at Healogix


Jen joined us in 2018 and brings some great
innovative thinking from her consumer and
OTC experiences.



Q. Innovation has been a key topic in our space – what challenges have you faced while implementing new ideas in the Pharma space?

A. The majority of my 20+ year career has been in consumer research and OTC healthcare.  The consumer side of the business tends to be early adopters of new innovations compared to the healthcare side, primarily due to less restrictions and regulations.  With that said, it takes some ingenuity as well as trial and error to cross-pollinate those techniques but it can lead to deeper level insights that further drive strategy and shape future business decisions.  Once the application is sound, then you need a client who trusts you, believes in innovation and is willing to try something new! 

Q.  What is typically your favorite part of any research project?

A.  My favorite part of most research projects is sharing results back with the team, particularly hearing different people’s perspectives on the findings and how it fits into the bigger picture.  My goal is to be an extension of the client’s internal team…as the more I know about the initiative overall, the better equipped I am to design the “right” research and deliver the most impactful insights. This industry is built on personal relationships and I am privileged to work with some of its best and brightest!

Q.  You’ve worked quite extensively on Cialis – describe what you liked most about working on that brand

A.   I was extremely honored to be chosen to lead 35+ Cialis research studies over the course of a four-year period for the Sanofi team. From the very first opportunity assessment study, it was a fascinating journey of discovery, with many unexpected insights along the way.  But, insights aside, what I walked away with was a deep appreciation for qualitative research.  My area of focus is primarily quant, but listening to men and women speak freely about the impact of erectile dysfunction on their physical, emotional, and social well-being instilled in me the power and importance of the patient’s voice. Working on Cialis set me on a course to move from consumer to pharmaceutical research!

Q.  We all know how demanding a career in Pharma Market Research is – what secrets do you employ to create a healthy work/life balance?

A.  Over the years, I certainly have seen more blurring of the lines between my professional and personal lives. While this is true, I have also seen MR companies become more flexible with their employees in terms of work from home, flex time, etc.  It’s not really about balance, per se, as that implies equal parts but it’s more about where you put more focus and energy during different periods of time.  I can be slammed for a few weeks working on a report but I also carve out time for the gym as I’m actually much more productive in all facets of my life when I can exercise. Having a schedule and specific tasks/goals for each day helps me accomplish both what I need and want to do.

Q.  You’ve been with us for just under one year – what three words would best describe Healogix?

A.   Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Passionate

Superbowl Charity Event

Congratulations to Tim Edbrooke for his participation in a local Super Bowl food drive that provided 11,000+ pounds of food to local food banks.

Three years ago, a group of neighbors in Doylestown, calling themselves the Harvey Avenue Crew, came together over a drink (of course) and started planning a food drive as a way of giving back to the community in which we all live. There seemed no better time to do it that on Superbowl Sunday when so many Americans sit down with friends and family and tuck into all the kind of foods we love the most to watch the big game.  Right from the start, being a part of this group has been very important to me, contributing to the organization (I do love operations!) as well as providing the flyers (thanks Healogix!).

The biggest surprise to most of us has been the response of the citizens of Doylestown. Whilst we place a single bag on the doors of each house, it is not uncommon to come back to collect them and find multiple bags waiting for us and little notes of thanks. We have had people chase us down the street to thank us and well as others in their cars shouting encouragement out of their windows.

In 2018 we registered as an official charity, and now, in 2019 peoples contributions we tax deductible! The “Crew” were featured on Fox News and subsequently recognized by Doylestown Borough with a proclamation received from the Mayor in March 2019.

On a personal level this has been incredibly rewarding, knowing that those of us fortunate to have, can help those in need at a very difficult time of the year, when food pantries typically struggle to keep their shelves stocked. We only see this getting bigger and maybe helping out some of the neighboring food pantries in 2020.

Upcoming Conferences

Healogix team members will be attending the following conferences over the next couple of months.  If you are attending, come start a conversation with us and hear all about our latest innovations!

October 1, 2019  Intellus New Jersey Regional – Basking Ridge, NJ 

Tim Edbrooke, President and COO

Maxine Yarnall, Director





Healogix is GROWING! 

We are excited to announce the new addition to our family, Maxine Yarnall.  She comes to us with 8 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas.  New talent translates to new ideas and more innovation for our clients.

Committing to Compliance: Healogix is GDPR Ready

Healogix has successfully implemented the appropriate technical and organizational security measures required by the European Data Protection Board and are pleased to announce compliance by the May 25th 2018 deadline.



Healogix launches Memorable Message™ version 2.0

Healogix is pleased to announce the launch of an updated and enhanced version of their proprietary Memorable Message™ solution.

Numerous clients—across a wide array of disease states and respondent types—have utilized Memorable Message™ since its launch 5 years ago.  Its innovative web-based platform for qualitative message testing allows them to focus on what is truly important—the insights underlying why some messages are preferred over others—rather than shuffle paper. Completely customizable, Memorable Message™ supports multiple languages, works equally well for in-person or telephone-based methods,  and provides graphic reporting of results in real time.

If you are interested in learning move, please reach out to Tim Edbrooke at or use the “Contact Us” link on this website.