Brand Opportunity

Brand Opportunity

Brand opportunity research helps accurately assess and predict a brand’s performance by way of market share and revenue generation. When launching a new brand, this information helps justify the immense expense of its commercial development and marketing. This research is just as vital when gauging the threat that new market entrants can represent to existing brands. At Healogix, our extensive brand opportunity experience ranges from quick-turn licensing assessments to forecasting of new or long-established brands using our Difference Engine™ methodology.


At the heart of every forecasting study is estimation of patient share and adoption rate to determine your brand’s opportunity. Our forecasting studies can be as simple or as complex as needed, ranging from a straightforward target profile evaluation to a multivariate conjoint exercise, inclusive of a detailed market simulator.

Moreover, the identification of your optimal patient targets is also a valuable part of your forecasting engagements. With increasing focus by regulatory agencies and payers on ensuring that treatments are used appropriately, identifying the ideal patient is more important than ever. Healogix’ Difference Engine™ is a unique, patient-based discrete choice approach to forecasting that delivers peak patient share and identifies how likely physicians are to use a product within specific clinical scenarios defined by a set of patient characteristics.

Asset Value Assessment

Biopharma companies are constantly scanning the world for assets that might be strategic and profitable to acquire or in-license. At the same time, companies may be considering the sale or out-licensing of certain assets they own. Our IntelliScreen™ tool provides asset value assessment research that enables you to augment your internal assessment of asset value for both acquisition and sale with inputs from key external stakeholders such as physicians, hospitals, pharmacy directors and payers. The insights obtained include:

  • Expected overall utilization of the asset
  • Patient types and clinical situations in which the asset is expected to be more and less utilized
  • Factors driving and deterring utilization

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Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders, or thought leaders, are often the healthcare professionals to whom physicians look for guidance on treatment algorithms to follow and therapies to employ. KOL feedback is particularly valuable as an early indicator of how the larger medical community will respond to the emergence of a new product in their therapeutic space. Their input is invaluable in trial design, choosing meaningful measures of product attributes and identifying key populations for inclusion or exclusion. We have deep experience conducting research with KOLs by way of assessing their knowledge, attitudes and practices and exploring their reactions to a potential new agent.