Patient-Centric Solutions

Patient-Centric Solutions

Our patient-centric solutions provide valuable research insights on patient lifestyles, behaviors, knowledge perceptions, attitudes, needs and preferences to guide your brand strategy and better inform and support your patients.

The role of patients in determining the success of pharma and biopharma products is growing significantly due to their increasing involvement in utilization decisions. Therefore, understanding what drives patient behaviors, attitudes and preferences is crucial in formulating an effective brand strategy. Healogix has a track record of successfully designing and executing patient-centric research, with a meticulous attention to quality and unsurpassed commitment to your needs.

Learn more about our ethnography solutions with our video, Memorable Moments: Mobile Ethnography.

Beyond the Pill

The success of new biopharma brands depends on more than the product itself. Providing a set of support services can encourage and eliminate barriers to use and promote adherence and continuation of therapy. These ancillary supports and services are called Beyond the Pill (BTP). There are many BTP services a company can offer, different customers to offer services to and different ways to deliver support. Popular forms of BTP include:

  • BTP targeted at medical practices
    For example, the pharma manufacturer may offer tools to ease the burden on physicians, providers and office staff of obtaining insurance approval for prescriptions of the product.
  • BTP targeted at patients
    For example, patients may be interested in information on their disease, diagnosis, treatment or lifestyle issues and BTP services can provide tools to help them with their treatment or general health.

BTP services are costly to deliver, so companies want to choose and optimize the services that will provide the largest effects on product utilization and company image. Market research can be of tremendous value in decisions on which BTP services to offer and how to optimize their design and delivery.


Our ethnography solutions are an effective tool when traditional market research is not yielding an answer. The research uncovers leverage points by delving deep into the lived experience of managing a condition, including day-to-day practices, habit formation, core values and beliefs and relationship dynamics. We gather this research through site visits and the use of innovative tools that can be incorporated into traditional interviews. Virtual ethnography is also an option via multimedia platforms for longitudinal studies or difficult-to-reach populations.

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Package Testing

Understanding the impact of packaging on a patient or caregiver is a critical pre-launch activity. Products with complicated or unique packaging or administration requirements benefit enormously from detailed qualitative, and potentially quantitative, research. We have extensive experience conducting in-home or in-facility research with patients to identify the optimal packaging design that compliments your product’s clinical benefits.