Market Strategy

Market Strategy

We specialize in market strategy for pharma and biotech companies. Our strategy helps you understand the competitive marketplace to ensure your product can gain meaningful market share and generate revenue. The purpose of market strategy is to define who might use your product, how, why and under what circumstances. It uncovers use barriers and motivators to leverage and differentiates early product adopters from those more likely to follow so you know who to target.

Healogix has helped clients with agents ranging from breakthroughs to next-generation products across dozens of therapeutic areas develop a deep understanding of their marketplace to successfully gain or grow market share.

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Market Landscape

Our market landscape research identifies your competition, both current and planned, and how each product is used in the marketplace. It outlines your product’s threats and opportunities to ensure you cultivate meaningful market share and revenue.

Buying Process

Our buying process research defines current clinical practices to build a brand strategy that captures the most favorable position in the treatment algorithm and the broadest possible utilization. Buying process research defines:

  • How clinicians are currently diagnosing, treating and managing a targeted disease or condition
  • How treatment and management differ depending on patient and case factors
  • Where unmet needs, pain points and leverage points are present

Patient Journey

Our patient journey research documents the patient experience from early or pre-awareness of symptoms to treatment or cure. This research is critical to developing customer portraits, outreach strategies and brand positioning and messaging for key customer segments. Patient journey research documents:

  • What patients think, do and feel at various points along their journey
  • Key attitudes, influencers, unmet needs and decision points of patients
  • Challenges and opportunities patients face along their journey to care


Our segmentation research solutions allow more effective marketing by targeting smaller, relatively homogeneous segments of customers with tactics tailored to their unique set of characteristics. Market segmentation is a process that continues long after research and analyses to become part of the corporate culture and orientation toward customers. Our segmentation research follows four key principles to ensure solutions are:

  • Consistent with other business strategies for a brand
  • Executable in terms of marketing and sales planning
  • Actionable in terms of individually targeting segment members
  • Profitable such that the potential positive impact on the business is tangible

Pricing Strategy

Our pricing strategy helps you plan and navigate the complex access and reimbursement environment of today. Payers and payer organizations are playing an increasingly important role in determining the success of a product. Understanding the current payer landscape as well as payers’ likely intentions towards a brand is a critical component of any pre-launch activity for a pharmaceutical or biotech company. To develop your pricing strategy, we work with payers from all types of national and regional organizations and PBMs to optimize the entry and subsequent uptake of your products through qualitative and quantitative engagements.