Difference Engine

Difference Engine

A fully customizable approach to forecasting that puts individual patients at the center of prescribing decisions bringing deep understanding of not only how much products will be used, but also in which patients.

Countless dynamic factors—including external clinical evidence, patient characteristics and physician experience—can affect medical decisions and, in turn, product adoption and continued use. Deconstructing this decision-making process is essential for optimal brand positioning. A rigorous forecasting methodology, Difference Engine™ uses a patient-based discrete choice model with interactive surveys to uncover key prescriber drivers and assess real-world product potential.

Identify Ideal Patients

Leverage hypothetical patient profiles to engage physician respondents and analyze the associations they make with products and patients. Determine initial and ideal consumer targets with Difference Engine™ surveys that systematically explore the patient characteristic combinations that prompt specific treatments and lead to the likelihood of product use.

Refine Product Positioning

Discover the key and hidden drivers in prescriber decisions, comparing stated and derived importance to create product messaging that resonates with physicians. Use Difference Engine™ to have respondents evaluate patient profiles, sort specific clinical scenarios and share preferred treatments for valuable information that can help shape brand communications.

Accelerate Product Adoption

With data from Difference Engine™, develop positioning that eliminates uncertainty around new products to shorten time to action and encourage earlier adoption. Carefully programmed surveys reflect realistic medical events to drive respondent engagement and get inside the minds of prescribers, providing insights on target markets and gaps in competitive offerings.