Brand Performance

Brand Performance

Brand performance research provides the brand team with timely data and intelligence on the post-launch performance of a product and the drivers of that performance. We specialize in brand performance techniques and integrating different approaches to deliver robust, mission-critical results that are truly actionable. The research uncovers how the product is being used, including the perceptions or attitudes that may be promoting or inhibiting utilization. This intelligence is crucial to making course corrections to optimize your brand’s performance.

User and Non-User

Following the launch of a new, re-formulated or re-positioned pharma or biopharma product, the brand team has a precious and short window to understand the factors that are driving and deterring adoption and utilization.

Our qualitative user and non-user research is a critical tool in building this understanding by answering:

  • Why are users adopting the product?
  • What position does the product occupy in users’ treatment algorithm?
  • Are users adopting the product broadly or for one or more patient types?
  • How did users learn about the product and what trigger events led to trial and adoption?
  • What differences exist among users and non-users in utilization, perceptions or attitudes?
  • Why have non-users not adopted, or just dabbled, with the product?
  • What specific barriers to adoption are prominent for non-users?
  • How did non-users learn about the product?
  • What could trigger trial and adoption by non-users?

Message Recall

The intent of message recall is to evaluate your messaging strategy with goals to optimize, prioritize and modify as required. You know what you want to convey, but it’s essential to understand what is being heard by your customers. We gather feedback from customers who recall seeing a sales representative within a recent timeframe to accurately assess the interaction. Collecting this feedback shortly after launch provides the time required to make course corrections, while tracking at regular intervals ensures your product story maintains its course.

Tracking ATUs

ATU Trackers provide a detailed overview of your market landscape. This type of study is a broad assessment of product awareness, current usage of the competitive landscape, drivers and barriers for use, product satisfaction, attitudes in the treatment area and future intentions for prescribing. The most effective way to track ATUs is to conduct a baseline read on the market shortly before launch, then track at regular intervals as your product progresses though its lifecycle. We fully customize our ATU surveys to focus on your specific needs and objectives, with the ability to change focus over time.