Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments

A mobile ethnography tool that moves beyond interviews and surveys to delve deeper into patient, caregiver and provider experiences.

Market research has come a long way in helping brands understand the thoughts, behaviors and emotions of consumers. But many ethnographic methods are time-intensive, expensive and intrusive or result in findings that are less than true to life. Obtain authentic representations of patient, caregiver and healthcare provider experiences using mobile ethnography. Insights from Memorable Moments™ provide a strategic advantage in guiding product strategy and meeting modern consumer needs.

Learn more about this product in our video, Memorable Moments: Mobile Ethnography.

Gather Data Remotely

Let respondents utilize texts, photos and videos on their mobile devices to document experiences and complete custom-designed assignments. Leverage Memorable Moments™ to collect data remotely on condition awareness, symptom presentation and diagnosis, treatment and brand selection, compliance and UX and emotional drivers and barriers.

See Authentic Responses

Central location research often takes place in structured, artificial environments that are less likely to produce authentic responses. And traditional ethnography in-home visits can impact the health, safety and privacy of both respondents and researchers. Memorable Moments™ mobile ethnography enables the sharing of unfiltered, intimate reflections that occur wherever and whenever respondents choose.

Understand Lived Experiences

Learn about the experiences of patients, caregivers and providers at a time that’s convenient to them. Alert moderators of responses and assignment progress in real time and build rapport with respondents through feedback, encouragement or clarification. Easily support a variety of research methodologies with Memorable Moments™, including patient journey, user experience and path to purchase.