Clear Concept

Clear Concept

A proven approach that provides rich qualitative insights and quantitative metrics on impact, believability, relevance and other key factors of creative concepts.

A critical early step in the development of brand communications and product materials, creative concept testing can save time and money along the path to effective audience connection. Clear Concept™ streamlines the testing process and transforms the nuances of concept performance into qualitative and quantitative data to inform creative decision-making. Determine originality, address interpretation risks and refine content and designs to make the most of new campaigns.

Evaluate Concept Effectiveness

Understand what an effective creative concept looks like for your industry, market, product and intended audience. Obtain rich qualitative and quantitative metrics on stopping power, uniqueness, believability, clarity, relevance, memorability, impact and persuasiveness. With Clear Concept™, capture respondent type and geography, establish rating parameters and facilitate assessments of alternatives, approaching concept optimization with objectivity and precision.

Review Creative Shortcomings

Review the results of in-depth interviews through the Clear Concept™ platform to assess the impact of choices made in content, graphic design and format. Gather and organize feedback on concept strengths and weaknesses to enhance elements like story, theme, imagery and copy. Make comparative assessments through rank ordering, point allocation and more. And consider whether concepts achieve campaign goals, from encouraging specific actions to meeting translation flexibility needs.

Maximize Appeal

Explore the reactions of various target audiences to both branded and unbranded creative executions before they go live to maximize audience appeal and improve overall effectiveness. Identify the strongest concepts in consideration sets with close-ended metrics that set a focal point for interpretation and judgement. Clear Concept™ helps you generate valuable insights fast with the real-time tabulation of testing results to help take concepts further.