Prime Position

Prime Position

A comprehensive approach to positioning research that determines the value, attainability and sustainability of brand identities in the market.

Brand positioning research is the purposeful process of defining an identity that encourages consumers to view a brand as unique and vital. Strong positioning, which requires true market differentiation, paints a positive brand image that buyers associate with beneficial outcomes and minimal risk. Become a valued brand in the eyes of prospects with qualitative and quantitative insights from Prime Position™ to increase the reach of campaigns and sustain growth throughout product lifecycles.

Identify a Valuable Identity

Situate your brand in the market by pinpointing exactly where products sit among the competition and prioritize the most compelling space to occupy. With the Prime Position™ approach, establish effective cornerstones for positioning and set a course to begin staking claims on key areas to see greater success in product adoption and ongoing use.

Optimize Differentiation

Differentiation is only achieved with a clear understanding of audience values and decision-making processes. Through strategic mind mapping, consider factors important to patients and prescribers to communicate differentiators for efficacy, dosing, safety, cost and more. Use Prime Position™ to discover a path forward that will influence brand messaging and campaign execution.

Maximize Durability

For high-performance brands, positioning research is not a one-time initiative. Prime Position™ supports continuous brand identity optimization from Phase II through post-launch when market events and new paradigms prompt the reevaluation of how products will meet prospect needs. Track positioning status to update efforts and maintain traction.