Upcoming Conferences

Healogix team members will be attending the following conferences over the next couple of months.  If you are attending, come start a conversation with us and hear all about our latest innovations!

Ilex 2019 North America:  April 23 – 25, Austin, TX

Jennifer Stewart, Vice President

Intellus Worldwide:  May 19 – 21, Philadelphia, PA

Tim Edbrooke, President & COO

Kate Evans, Senior Vice President

Ed Siebert, Senior Vice President

Kelly Smith, Senior Director

Amy Baily, Director

Ilex Health:  June 3 – 4, Philadelphia, PA

Ken Rawlings, Vice President

Lisa Giannoumis, Senior Director

Maxine Yarnall, Director

Catie Barbieri, Associate

Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) Bay Area:  June 12 – 13, San Francisco CA

Ed Siebert, Senior Vice President

Jennifer Stewart, Vice President